Hi, and welcome to the application form for Data Science Retreat!
If you have landed here, but not coming from http://datascienceretreat.com/ please have a look at that link first.
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The questions will start out as fairly boring and generic, then start requiring more thought and time. Please keep in mind: we're looking mainly for self-evaluation. We're not expecting you to already be an expert; rather, you should bring curiosity, self-discipline, and a willingness to help others.

What dates are you interested in? *

Name *

Your video-chat contact info (Skype, g+, VSee)

Personal website/blog, if any

Github account URL, if any

Twiter account, if any

LinkedIn profile, if any

Schooling: please list any undergraduate and graduate degrees you may hold, along with fields of study. *

We don't care very much about formal degrees, but still have to ask. If you can demonstrate that you taught yourself something impressive, great - at some point we're all autodidacts. So this textbox is your opportunity to show off what you've learned OR created.
Previous/current employment: please list position and company

Besides schooling and employment, please describe any fields/hobbies you have a strong interest/commitment in. *

Who would you want to have as a mentor (Note: mentoring is not a 1-to-1 matching, but it's good to know your preferences)? Why?

For examples/ideas, please see our current list of Residents: http://datascienceretreat.com  NOTE: you need not pick someone from that list, we're also curious about *your* requests!
What can you tell us that demonstrates your ability to think in a quantitative way to solve complex problems?

On a nonlinear scale of 1-10, with 1 => complete beginner; 3 => undergraduate degree in CS/software and able to build small-medium systems; 6 => PhD in CS/software or industry equivalent and able to build novel/complex systems, 10 => Donald Knuth or Alan Kay, what ranking would you give yourself as a software developer? *

Follow-up on the prior 1-10 self-ranking: please explain your number. *

e.g. you could discuss the hours/years of experience, projects worked on, competitions entered, etc.
Are you familiar with the practices of pair programming and code review?  Would you participate often in such activities? *

If you're accepted to Data Science Retreat, and you agree to participate, we will require you to pay tuition in full to  secure your spot - OK? *

Yup, this is about putting some skin in the game early.
If accepted, what are your goals after you graduate Data Science Retreat?

Are you willing to stay in Berlin for a month or two after graduation looking for jobs (not required, but would help quite a bit)?

Have you worked with a mentor before?

How did you hear about Data Science Retreat?

Do you want a job at the end? I. e. you don't have a job that you have to come back to after graduation, or a business/academic course you want to start.

Are you an EU citizen, or have an European blue card (http://www.bluecard-eu.de/eu-blue-card-germany/)? *

Last one: What is a question we should have asked you? What's your answer to that question? *

Intrigue, enlighten, or entertain us here. ;)
Thanks for your time and attention in applying to Data Science Retreat, we'll be in touch soon!

How we work: we will review your application. If it looks good, we will offer you to pick a slot for an interview. The average acceptance rate is low, 10%-20%, so please don't get disappointed if we don't get back to you. There's plenty of great material online to increase your data science skills. Feel free to use this, and apply again when you feel ready!
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